5 different types of surveys

A survey is a medium through which an organization or company takes feedback of different people on a particular topic or social issue. Any survey can be in the form of an oral questionnaire or a written document consisting of multiple questions. Surveys are effective in bringing out the mindset, thinking and point of view of the targeted audience and based on these responses, the organizations can conclude a general result.

There are many different types of surveys catering to different needs, purposes or objectives. The following are 5 broad categories of surveys and one can go through them for better understanding of this topic.

  1. Mail survey-a mail survey is a kind of a survey which is sent across to people though electronic mail or Email and is one of the most effective methods to spread the survey questionnaire. These types of surveys are quick to receive responses and is the most common method of survey conducting. Infact when we think of ‘survey’, ‘mail survey’ is what pops in our minds immediately.
  2. Group administered survey-a group administered survey is a kind of a survey in which a certain group of people are brought together at one place and then they are asked to fill out the survey questionnaire consisting of multiple questions. In these surveys, the respondents can always discuss the doubts they face in any of the questions with the survey conductors.
  3. Household drop-off survey-a household drop off survey is a kind of a survey which is less commonly used but is quite effective in certain cases. In this setting, the survey conductor goes to the homes of people and drops of the survey questionnaire after requesting the residents to fill it in.
  4. Personal interview-a personal interview is also a form of a survey in which questions are asked from the respondents personally and verbally.
  5. Telephone interview-in this form of a verbal survey, the questions are asked over the telephone and answers are noted down or recorded simultaneously.

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