Analysis Data Survey

An analysis data survey is served by a company to the target group in order to find out the details that need to be served in the main survey.

This survey is a small data collection form that helps the company in identification of the main theme of the survey that needs to be undertaken by it.

The survey provides the extent of variance that can be expected when the actual data analysis survey is collected. The sample survey given below is obtained from the employees of a company where a new project or product is due to be launched shortly.

Sample Analysis data survey

The sample is a survey that is obtained from the employees of the company regarding the product launch.

Name : —————————–

Address : —————————-

Age : —————————-

1. What is the size of the sample that has been obtained for the new product launch planed by our company?


2. What is the ratio of male to female for the data that has been served as sample for the analysis of product launch?

a) 1 : 1

b) 2 : 1

c) 1 : 2

d) Not sure

3. What is the mode of data sample that has been served to the prospective customers for the new product of our company?

a) Personal

b) Email

c) Newspaper

d) Magazine

e) Others pl specify ___________

4. What is the percentage of positive feedback obtained from the sample data analysis survey served to the customers?

a) 5%

b) 7%

c) 9%

d) Above 10%

5. Do you think that based on the feedback obtained from the data analysis survey sample the new product that is being launched by our company will be successful?

a) Yes it has good chances of being successful

b) There is a slight doubt about the chances of success

c) The chances of success of the product are very bleak

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