Banking Customer Satisfaction Survey

A banking customer satisfaction survey is used to measure the level of satisfaction of the customers of the bank. This survey is ideal; to identify the areas that the bank is lacking in providing service to the customers.

As a result the bank can act accordingly to improve its services and adjust its products and services according to the customers’ requirements. The survey focuses on the feedback about the numerous products and services provided by the bank.

Sample Banking customer satisfaction survey

Name of the bank customer _________________________

Address of the customer _________________________

Phone number of customer _________________________

Account type _________________________

Account number _________________________

1. Are you satisfied with the services provided by our bank?

a) Very satisfied

b) Somewhat satisfied

c) Just satisfied

d) Not at all satisfied

2. How do you rate the procedure followed by our bank in opening a new account?

a) Very easy

b) Somewhat easy

c) Little difficult

d) Very difficult

3. Why do you like to bank with us. Please specify the same as per given below details?

a) Prompt service

b) Timely reminders

c) Online banking

d) Good ATM coverage

4. Do you visit personally to the bank to obtain services or mostly use our bank website for services?


5. Do you agree that the account stipulations laid down by our bank for account maintenance are proper?

a) Yes agree

b) Somewhat agree

c) Slightly disagree

d) Totally disagree

6. Do you feel safe to have a banking relationship with us?

a) Yes

b) No

c) Not sure

7. Which of the products or services of our bank do you feel are the best in the banking industry?


8. What are the factors from among the following that you feel needs improvement in our bank?

a) Customer services

b) Range of products

c) Website navigation

d) ATM coverage

e) Others Pl specify _____________

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