Banking Relationship Survey

A banking relationship survey is one which is served by a bank to its customers in order to judge the relationship that the customers enjoy with the bank.

This survey is an affective way to check the satisfaction levels of customers of the bank and future prospects of better relationship with the customers.

Sample Banking relationship survey

Name ——————————–

Address ——————————–

Phone No ——————————–

Account No ——————————–

1. Are you happy with the banking relationship that you enjoy with our bank?

a) Yes very happy

b) Somewhat happy

c) Somewhat unhappy

d) Very unhappy

2. Please specify the kind of banking relationship you have with our bank?

a) Savings account

b) Business account

c) Checking account

d) Deposit account

3. Do you feel satisfied banking with our bank for your banking and financial needs?

a) Very satisfied

b) Somewhat satisfied

c) Somewhat unsatisfied

d) Very unsatisfied

4. Do you think our bank offers all the financial services and products that a customer requires?

a) Yes absolutely

b) No somewhat

c) Yes somewhat

d) No absolutely not

5. Is there anything you want to change in the banking relationship you enjoy with our bank?


6. What are the aspects amongst the following that you think is most important to continue your banking relationship with our bank?

a) Customer service

b) More products

c) Home banking

d) Online banking

7. On the basis of the banking relationship you enjoy with our bank will you recommend the products and services of our bank to your acquaintances?

a) Yes very likely

b) Somewhat likely

c) Somewhat unlikely

d) Very unlikely

8. What is your opinion about the reception that you get from our bank staff when you visit our bank?

a) Very pleasant

b) Somewhat pleasant

c) Somewhat unpleasant

d) Very unpleasant

9. Are there any changes that you think are necessary to sustain the banking relationship you usher with our bank?


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