Banking Technology Survey

A banking technology survey is one that is served by a bank to its customers in order to recognize their banking technology needs.This survey is best for banks thinking on upgrading their technology so as to make it more customer friendly and according to the needs to the bank customers.

Even though banks may provide many facilities through banking technology to their customers there are some statutory regulations that need to be followed and all services cannot be provided online.

When a bank obtains feedback from the customers regarding the technology of the bank it saves a lot of time, money and effort in upgrading to better technology for the bank.

Sample banking technology survey

Name of the bank customer : ———————————-

Address of the bank customer : ———————————-

Contact number of the bank customer : ———————————-

Type of account held by customer : ———————————-

Period of relationship of customer : ———————————-

1. What is the frequency of your use of internet at home or office?

a) Everyday

b) Once in a week

c) Once in a month

d) Rarely

e) Do not use internet

2. What is the purpose for which you make use of the computer and the internet?

a) Educational purpose

b) Banking purpose

c) Casual purpose

d) Nothing in particular

3. What is the most important factor for you to have an account with our bank?

a) Best service

b) Online technology of the bank

c) Availability of ATM at many locations

d) Low fees and charges

4. Do you make use of our online banking technology?

a) Yes

b) No

c) Sometimes

d) Not sure

5. Please rate the website of our bank that is available to the customers for online transactions and account checking?

a) Very compatible and is customer friendly

b) Not at all user friendly

c) Sometimes user friendly

d) Don’t like the website navigation at all.

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