Brand Equity Survey

A brand equity survey is one that is used by the company manufacturing products to understand the future potential for growth in the market. This brand equity survey helps the company to take important decisions by keeping in view the brand intensity. Apart from this survey can be used to assess the potential for further spread of the products in the market.

Sample Brand Equity Survey

Name of the customer               _________________________

Address of the customer           _________________________

Contact number of customer    _________________________

Email ID of customer                _________________________

Q1: Please provide your age group?

a) 20-25              ____________

b) 26-30              ____________

c) 31-35               ____________

d) 35 and above  ____________

Q2: Please specify your gender by ticking against the one that is appropriate below?

a) Male    __________

b) Female __________

Q3: Please provide your yearly income at present?


Q4: Which brand of bathing soaps you know apart from our company brand? Please specify the names below?

a) _________________

b) _________________

c) _________________

d) _________________

e) _________________

Q5: Which brand of bathing soap you have purchased in last one year?


Q6: Are you satisfied with the bathing soap that you have been using?


Q7: On an average how much amount do you spend on buying bathing soap for your entire family per annum?


Q8: How frequently do you do shopping for bathing soap for your family use?

a) Every Week

b) Every Month

c) Every quarter

d) Every 6 months

e) Every year

Q9 : How will you rate the overall satisfaction of the bathing soap brand that you always buy on a scale of 0-5 where 0 is least and 5 is best by putting a tick against the scale given here under?

a) 0 __________

b) 1 __________

c) 2 __________

d) 3 __________

e) 4 __________

f) 5 __________

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