Career Ability Placement Survey

A career ability placement survey is a survey which is framed or drafted by career counselling centres or agencies which provide career placement consultancy services to people who wish to enter a desired career field choice. These surveys are effective as they judge the ability and capability of the individual and thus suggest perfect career choices to them.

Such surveys are in the form of questionnaires which have multiple questions with multiple choices as answers. Respondents have to answer the entire questionnaire so as to let the career agencies place them in a field of career. Given below is a sample of a career ability placement survey which can be referred to by any person.

Sample Career Ability Placement Survey:

Given below are a few questions. Please answer all the questions in the spaces provided or by ticking the relevant option in case of multiple choice questions.

Name: _________________

Date of birth: _______________

Gender: _______________

Are you currently working anywhere: _______________ [yes/no]

What is your ultimate career goal: _________________

1. What according to you is the perfect career choice or field for you?

a) Arts

b) Entertainment

c) Sports

d) Business related

e) Economics or finance related

f) Sales/marketing

g) Clerical job

h) Technical job

i) Writing

j) Journalism

k) Other(please specify)

2. What do you think is your strong point when it comes to working?

a) Patience

b) Hard working nature

c) Multi tasking ability

d) Communication skills

e) Ability to work for long hours

f) Computer skills

g) Management abilities

h) Leadership qualities

i) Team working abilities

3. Do you think you would like to handle office work or you would be more suited for field work?

a) Office work

b) Field work

4. What kind of a company would you like to work for?

a) MNC

b) Small time business

c) Large business organisation

d) Other(please specify)

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