Career Evaluation Survey

A career evaluation survey is a kind of a survey that is used by career counsellors and other such organisations to evaluate the careers of different individuals. These surveys can also be helpful for individuals to evaluate their own careers by the means of the multiple questions asked by them. Any career evaluation survey may consist of either subjective type questions or objective type questions or both. Given below is a sample of a career evaluation survey that can be used by any person for reference purpose or help.

Sample Career Evaluation Survey:

Name of respondent:

DOB of respondent:                         [dd/mm/yy]

Gender of respondent:

Residential address of respondent:

Contact number of respondent:

Current working position/job designation:

Kindly answer the following questions in the spaces provided and help us in career evaluation.

Q1. Which is the sector or field that you are currently working in?

a)      Entertainment and showbiz

b)      Accountancy and Finance

c)      Economics

d)     Research work

e)      Teaching

f)       Medical

g)      Engineering

h)      Business enterprise

i)        Manufacturing

j)        Sales and Marketing

k)      Freelance work

l)        Other (please mention specifically)

Q2. How long have you been working in this field?

a)      Less than an year

b)      Less than two years

c)      Less than 5 years

d)     Less than 10 years

Q3. How long have you been working at this job position?

a)      Less than an year

b)      Less than two years

c)      Less than 5 years

d)     Less than 10 years

Q4. How many times have you been promoted in this field of work?

a)      Not even once

b)      Once

c)      Twice

d)     Thrice

e)      More than 3 times

Q5. Are you satisfied with your pay scale and perks provided by the company (if you are in a job)?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q6. Do you wish to change your career?

a)      Yes

b)      No

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