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Restaurant Business Plan Survey

A restaurant business plan survey is a kind of a survey which is conducted by a restaurant to study and examine its own business plan and whether or not that plan is being followed correctly.

The survey can be in the form of a written questionnaire which the restaurant manager must answer so that a verdict can be reached regarding the effectiveness of the plan. A sample of a restaurant business plan survey is given below and can be used for reference purpose by anyone.

Sample Restaurant Business Plan Survey:

Name of the restaurant:

Address of the restaurant:

Phone number of the restaurant:

Name of respondent:

Position in the restaurant:

Given below are a few restaurant business plan survey questions. Please answer all of the given questions in the spaces that have been provided.

Q1. What is the basic theme and the gist of the restaurant business plan?


Q2. Is the staff of the restaurant aware of the business plan in a basic way?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Some of the staff knows

Q3. What measures have you followed to ensure that the business plan is followed completely?


Q4. To what length do you honestly believe is the restaurant business plan being followed?

  1. Completely
  2. To a large extent
  3. To some extent
  4. Not at all

Q5. Which departments do you think need to work further to implement the business plan?

  1. Marketing department
  2. Accounting department
  3. Sales department
  4. Restaurant staff
  5. Other(please specify)

Q6. How much more do you think the restaurant can benefit if the plan is totally implemented?

  1. By a big measure
  2. A little bit
  3. Not a lot

Q7. Personally, do you think the restaurant business plan is effective and correctly designed for this restaurant?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Not sure

Non-Profit Survey

A non-profit survey is one that is made use by a non-profit organization to obtain feedback about a recent charitable event. The survey is taken from all the participants of the charitable event wherein their opinion is tabulated to take necessary action in future. Apart from this the survey also helps in maintaining cordial relationship with all the charitable event donors and participants as well.

Sample Non-Profit Survey

Name of the respondent   ————————————–

Address of respondent     ————————————–

Contact no of respondent ————————————–

Email ID of respondent     ————————————–

1. What do you think about the cost of attending the charity event organized by our non-profit organization recently?

a. Absolutely right

b. A little high

c. A little low

d. Too high

e. Too low

2. Do you think that the representatives of our organization explained the goals of the charity event appropriately?

a. Very clear

b. Somewhat clear

c. Somewhat unclear

d. Not at all clear

3. Did our representatives explain how your charitable contribution will be utilized by our organization?

a. Very clearly

b. Somewhat clearly

c. Somewhat unclearly

d. Not at all clearly

4. How likely are you to attend other charitable events that our organization plans to conduct in future?

a. Very Likely

b. Somewhat likely

c. Somewhat unlikely

d. Not at all likely

5. What are the things that you liked the most about the charity event conducted by our organization?

a. Event schedule timing

b. Event cost

c. Event theme

d. Event planning

6. What are the things that you disliked the most about the charity event conducted by our organization?

a. Event schedule timing

b. Event cost

c. Event theme

d. Event planning

7. What are the suggestions you think that can help to improve the conducting of such charity events in future?


8. On the whole how will you rate the charity event that you attended?

a. Excellent

b. Good

c. Fair

d. Not very good

e. Poor

Meeting Survey & Event Planning Survey

A meeting survey and event planning survey is one that is made use of by an organization before organizing an event. This survey helps to plan accurately for the event by obtaining the requirements and suggestions of the participants and guests for the event. This survey can be most useful guide for an event planner to make an informed decision.

Sample Meeting Survey & Event Planning Survey

Name of the event participant          _______________________________

Participant’s Address                         _______________________________

Participant’s  Email ID                        _______________________________

Contact number of the participant  _______________________________

1. Do you plan to attend the event that our organization is planning to conduct next week?

a. Yes

b. No

2. If you have answered no to the above question please specify the reason for the same?


3. How did you come to know about this event that our organization is conducting?


4. Do you think the process for registration for this event was easy?

a. Extremely easy

b. Somewhat easy

c. Somewhat difficult

d. Extremely difficult

5. Who is paying for your participation in this event being conducted by our organization?

a. Self

b. Office

c. Relative

d. Friend

6. Please specify if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions so that we plan the menu accordingly?


7. What are you expectations from this event that you are planning to attend?


8. Do you have any clarifications that you want to seek about this event our organization is conducting?

a. Yes

b. No

9. What is your preferred mode of receiving any additional information about this event from our organization?

a. Personally

b. Email

c. Phone

d. Any other mode pl specify _____________

10. Please specify the destination from where you will be traveling to attend the event being conducted by our organization?


Brand Equity Survey

A brand equity survey is one that is used by the company manufacturing products to understand the future potential for growth in the market. This brand equity survey helps the company to take important decisions by keeping in view the brand intensity. Apart from this survey can be used to assess the potential for further spread of the products in the market.

Sample Brand Equity Survey

Name of the customer               _________________________

Address of the customer           _________________________

Contact number of customer    _________________________

Email ID of customer                _________________________

Q1: Please provide your age group?

a) 20-25              ____________

b) 26-30              ____________

c) 31-35               ____________

d) 35 and above  ____________

Q2: Please specify your gender by ticking against the one that is appropriate below?

a) Male    __________

b) Female __________

Q3: Please provide your yearly income at present?


Q4: Which brand of bathing soaps you know apart from our company brand? Please specify the names below?

a) _________________

b) _________________

c) _________________

d) _________________

e) _________________

Q5: Which brand of bathing soap you have purchased in last one year?


Q6: Are you satisfied with the bathing soap that you have been using?


Q7: On an average how much amount do you spend on buying bathing soap for your entire family per annum?


Q8: How frequently do you do shopping for bathing soap for your family use?

a) Every Week

b) Every Month

c) Every quarter

d) Every 6 months

e) Every year

Q9 : How will you rate the overall satisfaction of the bathing soap brand that you always buy on a scale of 0-5 where 0 is least and 5 is best by putting a tick against the scale given here under?

a) 0 __________

b) 1 __________

c) 2 __________

d) 3 __________

e) 4 __________

f) 5 __________

Restaurant Business Survey

Restaurant business survey is a kind of a survey which is conducted by those people or organizations who need to gather information regarding the restaurant business sector. These surveys consist of various questions whose aim is to know about the manner in which a restaurant is to be run and what difficulties are faced by an owner while managing the restaurant. These surveys are conducted amongst restaurant owners, who are required to fill in their personal details as well as answer all the questions asked in the survey. The survey helps the people in understanding about the basic necessities which are required by those, who want to enter into a restaurant business.

Sample Restaurant Business Survey:

Name of the restaurant: _______________

Restaurant’s location: __________________

Restaurant’s phone number: __________________

Name of the restaurant owner: ________________

Address of the owner: ________________

Owner’s Telephone no: _______________

Email id: _________________

Q1.How many employees work in your restaurant?


Q2.How many days in a week is your restaurant open?

  • The whole week
  • We are off on 1 day
  • We are off on more than 1 day

Q3.How would you describe the response of your restaurant?

  • Excellent
  • Very good
  • Good
  • Average
  • Below average

Q4.What is the main feature of your restaurant?

  • Food
  • Ambience
  • Service

Q5.Rate the following categories of your restaurant from the score of 1 to 10? 1 being the least and 10 being the maximum score?

  • Starters _______
  • Main course _________
  • Desert ________
  • Service __________
  • Ambience _________
  • Sitting arrangement __________

Q6.What is the salary of the following people who work under you?

  • Chef __________
  • Chef’s assistants ___________
  • Restaurant manager ______________
  • Waiters ___________
  • Guard _________

Q7.Specify the area in which your restaurant is lacking and also give reasons for the same?


ONS Annual Business Survey

ONS or Office for National statistics is an organisation working in the United Kingdom that conducts a business survey each year known as the ONS annual Business Survey. These business surveys are aimed at collecting business related information from almost all the business organisations to estimate the Gross Value Added and other such figures that are important for economy. Any such survey consists of a chain of questions that can be subjective, objective or both in nature. Given below is a sample of an ONS annual Business survey:

Sample ONS Annual Business Survey

Name of business organisation: _______________

Location of business organisation with zip code: _______________

Contact number(s) of business organisation: _____________

Name of business head: ______________________

Name of business manager: ____________________

Contact number of business manager: ____________________

The following is an ONS annual business survey. Kindly answer all of the following given questions to the best of your knowledge.

Q1. What is the nature and type of your business organisation? You can select more than one option.

a)      Wholesale

b)      Manufacturing and production

c)      Retail business

d)     Restaurant business

e)      Service providers

f)       Other (please explain in detail)

Q2. Please write in the registration code of your business organisation?


Q3. Since when has your business been in operation?


Q4. What is the gross revenue of your business organisation for the year 2011-2012?


Q5. What is the total expense figure of your business organisation for the year 2011-2012?


Q6. How many employees do you have in total currently?

a)      0-20

b)      20-50

c)      50-100

d)     More than 100

Q7. Please explain in detail the kind of investments your business organisation is engaged in as of now?


Q8. If given a chance, would you like to expand the scope and range of your business organisation/

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q9.Please explain your business strategy in detail.


Home Business Survey

A home business survey is a kind of a survey wherein the survey conducting organisation wishes to gather information about the businesses which are being run from home. These surveys consist of questions that are aimed at knowing the details of home businesses from the home business owners. The collective feedback of a number of responses helps these organisations to conclude certain results and opinions. Given below is a sample of a home business survey which will explain in details the structure and nature of such surveys.

Sample Home Business Survey:

Name of home business owner:

Residential address with zip code:

Contact number(s):


Name of business:

Kindly answer all of the following questions which are a part of the home business survey:

Q1. Please explain the exact nature and type of the home business that you are running?


Q2. How many employees or workers have you employed in your home business?

a)      0-3

b)      3-7

c)      7-10

d)     More than 10

Q3. Since when have you been running this business from home?

a)      6 months

b)      6 months-1 year

c)      1 year-3 years

d)     More than 3 years

Q4. What is the reason due to which you opted to run the business from home rather than some other place?


Q5. Do you think that the profits would have been more if you were running this business from some other place?

a)      Yes

b)      No

c)      Not sure

Q6. What according to you are the advantages of home business?

a)      Money saving from travel expenses

b)      I can give more time to the business and save the time of travel

c)      I can concentrate more

d)     I am more comfortable working like this

e)      If others then please specify (please specify)

Q7. What according to you are the disadvantages of running a home business?


Business Report Survey

A business report survey is a document which asks a number of questions about a business report, including its composition, its orientation, aim and purpose. Care should be taken to make the questions of the survey relevant and pertaining to an inspection of a business document. It is meant to be filled in by the concerned persons, who may range from the managerial team of a company to its lowliest employee. Hence, the questions must be designed depending upon who is going to complete the survey. A business report survey is a critical document thus in the life of the company as it highlights errors and paves the way for marked improvements.

Sample Business Report Survey

  1. What profits have been declared in the business report?
  • Between 1 million USD to 2 million USD
  • Between 2 million USD to 3 million USD
  • Above 3 million USD
  1. How thoroughly and comprehensively has the business report been compiled and tabulated?
  • Very comprehensively with reports being investigated from every department
  • Reports from only some concerned departments were investigated
  • Not very thoroughly
  1. How frequently are such complete business reports presented before the company management?
  • Annually
  • Bi-annually
  • Quarterly
  1. Who supervises the compilation of the business report?
  • The management of the company, including the board members.
  • The heads of the various departments
  • A team specially created for the compilation of the business report.
  • Any other, please specify
  1. Does the business report outline reasons for failure in certain areas and provide suggestions that can lead to improvement?
  • Yes, the business report is very thorough and contains both an elucidation of the problems and how to overcome them.
  • No, this is a record of past performance only and does not contain strategies or measures for improvement.

Business Confidence Survey

The business confidence survey is an effective method through which companies measure the current state of economy and the business performance as well juxtaposed to it. It is a way through which companies are able to understand where they stand at a particular juncture within the market. This survey is undertaken by the marketing and sales department or other hired analyzers can also take this up and produce an objective account of the current economic activity of the business. It is important that this survey maintains some amount of accuracy since the data collected will help businesses understand and take up the next steps to improve the current standing. It is necessary that this survey asks relevant questions that pertain to the business performance, the consumer response, the sales reports and the brand value of the products and services. The business confidence survey should be conducted periodically especially during economic crisis.

Sample Business Confidence Survey

Name of the company: Baby Food N US Ltd.

Products: Baby food products for babies under 3 years

We request you to answer the following questions that will help in gaining a clear picture of where the company stands within the economy:

1.  What has been the sales percentage for this company within the last 3 years?

  • Within 20-30% of the market share
  • Within 40-50%
  • Above 50% of the market

2. How have the advertisements and marketing strategies affected the consumer-business relationship with respect to the products and services?

  • Favorable response
  • Negative response
  • Mixed reaction

3. Has there been an increase in the hiring/ recruiting within the company in the last 3 years?

  • Definitely
  • Same recruitment pattern with no increase
  • Decrease in employment

4. Has the current state of economic inflation affected business performance?

  • Not in the least
  • Somewhat

Business Consumer Survey

The business consumer survey is an analytic process that helps the business to gauge the success and strength within the particular market. The survey helps provide a lot of information on the current activities that affect the business and its consumers. There are also various opinions that are gathered through the customers regarding the products and services offered by the business. This survey is applicable in all kinds of services from retail trade, industries, buildings etc. This provides synthetic indication about the economic standpoint of the company. The data that is collected provides a list of positive and negative responses which can be then gauged to reach an overall verdict. This survey can take place within a particular sales season or not in order to understand the consumer’s satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Such a survey is part of the business cycle in order to analyze the areas that need improving according to customer feedback.

Sample Business Consumer Survey:

Name of Company: Hair We Care Ltd.

Products: Women’s Hair Wash products

Date: 3.4.2012

Kindly respond to the following questions to help us better our services:

  1. Are you a regular user of the Hair Wash Products?
  • Regular User
  • Sometimes
  • Don’t use at all

2. Have these products met the promises stated in the ad campaigns?

  • Absolutely
  • More or less
  • Unsure
  • Not in the least

3. Are there areas that you’d like to see improvement in?

  • The product branding
  • The contents of the product
  • The price
  • None at all

4. Was there any significant improvement after using these products?

  • Impressive improvement
  • Haven’t noticed
  • Minor and unnoticed
  1. Do you recommend this product to your friends and other family members?
  • Recommend it all the time
  • Sometimes, depending on the situation
  • Never