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Marketing Employee Satisfaction Survey

A marketing employee satisfaction survey is one that is served to a marketing employee of a company. This survey helps to bring down the levels of work stress for the marketing employees by trying to understand their problems and take action accordingly. It helps an organization to take the correct decision that will help in motivating employees and retaining them in the company.

Sample Marketing Employee Satisfaction Survey

Name of the marketing employee

Address of the employee

Official email address of the employee

Contact number of the employee

1. Do you always like to come to work?

a. Yes everyday

b. Not everyday

c. Sometimes some days

d. Don’t feel like coming at all

2. What are your feeling towards the marketing job role you have been assigned?

a. Very happy

b. Somewhat happy

c. Not at all happy

d. Don’t want to disclose

3. What is the number of years of service you have put through in the field of marketing?

a. 0-1

b. 1-2

c. 2-3

d. Above 3 years

4. When do you think you want to change your job?

a. After next one year

b. After next two years

c. After next three years

d. Do not change

5. Do you like working in the company of your colleagues?

a. Yes very much

b. Somewhat

c. No not at all

d. Can’t say

6. Are you satisfied with the way your superiors treat you in office?

a. Yes I like it very much

b. I like it sometimes

c. No I do not like the way I am treated

d. I don’t want to disclose

7. Do you feel you love the organization you are working for?

a. Yes I love my organization

b. May be sometimes

c. No I do not love my organization

d. I do not want to disclose it

Marketing Customer Satisfaction Survey

A marketing customer satisfaction survey is a marketing tool used to measure the level of satisfaction of the customers in products usage. This survey helps to obtain response from the customers for undertaking any changes in the product so that its usability amongst the customers improves. The aim of this survey is identify factors that push customers to choose the products of a specific company.

Sample Marketing Customer Satisfaction Survey

1. What do you like the most about our company products from the following aspects?

a. Affordable pricing

b. Best packaging

c. Free offers

d. Easy availability

2. How likely are you to shift the usage of products of our company when you get better offers from other companies?

a. Very unlikely

b. Somewhat likely

c. Very likely

d. Not too sure

3. What is your overall level of satisfaction with the features offered and your usage of the products of our company?

a. Extremely satisfied

b. Somewhat satisfied

c. Just about satisfied

d. Extremely unsatisfied

4. Are there chances of you to continue to purchase the products of our company?

a. Yes quite possible

b. Not possible

c. May be possible

d. Not sure

5. How likely are you to purchase our products from our company website if made available?

a. Very likely

b. Somewhat likely

c. Not at all likely

d. Can’t say

6. In case in future if you want to switch from buying our products to that of a competitor company then what will be the primary reason for it from the following reasons?

a. Deterioration in quality of the products

b. Rise in price of the products

c. Non availability of the products

d. Better offers from competitor company

7. What are the changes that you think will improve our products in the market when compared to that of competitors?

a. Quality of products

b. Better packaging

c. Lower pricing

d. Easy availability

Marketing Analysis Survey

A marketing analysis survey is one that basically helps a company in analyzing the market process. The survey is very useful for companies to understand the various key elements that can form potential for better profits. The requirements of customers in the market are also arrived at by using this survey.

Sample Marketing Analysis Survey

1. How many customers have you covered in this month?

a. 100 customers

b. 200 customers

c. 300 customers

d. 400 customers

e. Above 400 customers

2. Do you have competition for your products in the market?

a. Yes there is competition

b. No there is no competition

c. Yes there is competition for some products

d. I am not sure about it

3. What is the age group of customers you have for the products of your company?

a. 18 years and above

b. 24 years and above

c. 32 years and above

d. More than 35 years

4. What gender of customers purchase your company products more often?

a. Male

b. Female

c. Both male and female

5. What is the target market for your products?

a. Employed

b. Business persons

c. Students

d. Working women

6. To which category of persons do your customers mostly belong to from the following categories?

a. Unmarried

b. Married

c. Divorced and single

d. Senior citizens

7. Do you target married customers or singles to sell your products?

a. Married

b. Singles

8. How do you collect payment for the products sold to your customers?

a. Immediately

b. After a week

c. After a month

d. After a quarter

9. Do you think there are any techniques that can be introduced to better the sales of the products of your company?

a. New sales promotions

b. Better discounts

c. Free samples along with other products

d. Door to door marketing

10. Do you feel there is scope for further improvement in the sales for the products of your company in future?


Marketing Data Survey

A marketing data survey is one that is used as a statistical tool by companies to obtain the marketing data used by its marketing team. This survey helps to identify the areas of marketing that are strong and those that need to be changed by the company. The study also provides information with regard to the present and future needs of the customers which helps the companies to take control of the market for their products.

Sample Marketing Data Survey

1. Whom do you usually target for your marketing from the following customers?

a. Individuals

b. Companies

c. Government officials

d. All of the above

2. How many customers have you been able to reach so far in this month for marketing our products?

a. 0-50

b. 50-100

c. 100-150

d. Above 150

3. How many competitors do you have in the market at present with similar products

a. One

b. Two

c. Three

d. Many

4. What is the level of competition for the product at present in the market?

a. High competition

b. Moderate competition

c. Slight competition

d. No competition at all

5. What is the percentage of market that our company holds as against the competitors?

a. 10%

b. 15%

c. 20%

d. More than 20%

6. How do you receive payments for the products sold to the customers?

a. Immediate

b. Deferred

c. Once a month

d. Once a quarter

7. Can you tell the number of times a customer of our company is likely to purchase the products from us?

a. 10 times

b. 20 times

c. 30 times

d. More than 30 times

8. What is the average number of customers that our company will require to make profits above the overhead costs?

a. At least a minimum of 100

b. At least a minimum of 200

c. At least a minimum of 300

d. At least more than 300

Sales Representative Survey

A sales representative survey helps an organization to understand the knowledge levels that are essential for selling. This survey aims to identify the strength and weaknesses of the sales representatives who are the first persons to interact with the customers. It also recognizes the areas for improvement by seeking information about personality traits of the sales representative.

Sample Sales Representative Survey

1. Are you aware of the primary product that is sold by our company?

a. Yes I am aware

b. I have some idea

c. I don’t have knowledge of all products

d. I am not sure

2. Do you offer any benefits to the customer to purchase products from your company?

a. Sometimes

b. Occasionally

c. Never

3. Have you successfully completed a sales call in the recent week?

a. Yes I have successfully closed a sales deal

b. Not in the previous week but before that

c. Completed a sales deal before two weeks

d. Not closed even a single sales call in the last four weeks

4. What was the main reason for the customer to choose the product of our company?

a. Product features

b. Pricing of the product

c. Convenience

d. Refund policy of the company

5. Do you go for a sales call alone or along with your team member?

a. Always go alone

b. Sometimes go alone

c. Rarely go alone

d. Never go alone

6. How will you rate your professionalism with regard to handling both your team members and customers as well?

a. Excellent

b. Fair

c. Average

d. Poor

7. Are you informed of major changes taking place in the sales cycle of our company by your team leader?

a. Yes always informed about changes

b. Sometimes informed about changes

c. Occasionally informed about changes

d. Never informed about changes

Sales Director Survey

A sales director survey is performed in order to seek information from the person regarding the sales performance and prospects of future growth. This survey helps the management of the company to measure the growth rate as a result of the inputs of the sales director. It helps to arrive at the challenges faced during sales process and handle the most relevant issues effectively.

Sample Sales Director Survey

1. What is the impact of sales forecast on the actual sales performance for the previous financial year.

a. Very good

b. Moderately good

c. Slightly good

d. Not at all good

2. What is your prediction with regard to the sales goals set for this financial

a. Exceed sales goals

b. Meet sales goal

c. May meet sales goal

d. Cannot meet sales goal

3. Are you confident that all your sales team members are aware of the sales cycle of our company?

a. Yes confident that all are aware of it

b. Moderately confident that all are aware of it

c. Have little doubt if all are aware of it

d. Sure that many are not aware of it

4. How many times do you make it a point to go along with sales staff to meet important clients?

a. Every time

b. Sometimes

c. Occasionally

d. Never

5. How frequently do you interact and conduct meetings with your sales team embers?

a. Everyday

b. Weekly

c. Monthly quarterly

6. Are you always available to help when your sales team faces any grave issues with regard to customers or any other professional matters?

a. Yes always helpful

b. Sometimes helpful

c. Occasionally helpful

d. Don’t have time to help

7. How often do you verify the activities of sales team members for effective progress in sales?

a. Everyday

b. Weekly

c. Monthly

d. Randomly

Marketing Evaluation Survey

A marketing evaluation survey is made use of by companies to evaluate the marketing strategies and techniques used by the marketing team. It helps in arriving at marketing techniques that have produced results in the company and those that have not. This survey assists a company in proper channelization of marketing resources that produce good results. It also seeks variable suggestions that help introduce newer techniques for marketing for improved profitability.

Sample Marketing Evaluation Survey

1. Who is your target market?

a. Individuals

b. Corporate

c. Women

d. Children

e. Any other ________________

2. How many products does your company sell?

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

e. More than 5

3. What is your ratio of new customer sales to existing customer sales?

a. 10%

b. 20%

c. 30%

d. 40%

e. More than 50%

4. What is the mode of marketing technique you make use of most often for advertising the products of your company?

a. Television advertisement

b. Newspaper advertisement

c. Magazine advertisement

d. Online advertisement

e. Email advertisement

5. What is your annual marketing budget?


6. What is your way of new lead generation for selling the products of your company?


7. How many new leads do you generate every month that get converted into actual sales?

a. 10

b. 20

c. 30

d. 40

e. More than 50

8. What is the percentage of your marketing cost as a percentage of sales turnovers for the products sold by your company?

a. 1%

b. 5%

c. 8%

d. 10%

e. More than 10%

9. Do you sell your products on your company website also?


10. How often do you contact your existing customers’ base to obtain their leads and references for details of new customers?

a. Daily

b. Weekly

c. Monthly

d. Quarterly

e. Annually

Marketing Feedback Survey

A marketing feedback survey is one that is used by companies to obtain feedback regarding marketing techniques used from sales employees of the company. This survey is very important as company can identify the marketing mistakes if any very easily by obtaining the feedback of the sales team and make changes accordingly. This survey provides the basis for implementation of any new marketing techniques to the existing products of the company.

Sample Marketing Feedback Survey

1. What is it that you like the most about the marketing plan of our company?

a. Target plan

b. Effective implementation

c. Team work

d. Easy usability

e. Clear results

2. Do you think there are any changes required to be undertaken in our existing marketing plan?

a. Yes some changes are needed

b. No changes are not needed

c. It needs to be changed completely

d. Depends on the products market

e. Can’t say

3. Do you think customers will switch to other company products in the future?

a. Very likely

b. Moderately likely

c. Somewhat likely

d. Not at all likely

4. What do you think keeps the products of our company in high demand in the market?

a. Celebrity endorsements

b. High brand name

c. Best quality

d. Reasonable pricing

5. Do you feel that convenience is an important factor for customers to buy products f our company?

a. Yes it is an extremely important factor

b. It is partly important factor

c. It is moderately important factor

d. It is least important factor

6. Do you think our existing customers will be willing to recommend the products of our company to others?

a. Extremely likely

b. Somewhat likely

c. Slightly likely

d. Not at all likely

7. What is the overall feedback for the products of our company given by our customers who are using our products?

a. Extremely satisfied

b. Moderately satisfied

c. Slightly satisfied

d. Extremely unsatisfied

Retail Customer Satisfaction Survey

A retail customer satisfaction survey is one that is used to identify the satisfaction levels of the customers. Many companies make use of this survey to measure the level of acceptance a product has amongst the customers. The survey also helps in effectively retaining retail customers by identifying their needs and making modifications to the product when necessary. The retail customer satisfaction survey helps to attain customer delight by providing the best products according to the customers’ needs which is the ultimate goal of any company.

Sample Retail Customer Satisfaction Survey

Name of the retail customer

Email address of the retail customer

Phone number of the retail customer

1. Which product of our company do you often make use of?

a. Cosmetics

b. Detergents

c. Baby care

d. Perfumes

2. How often do you purchase these products of our company?

a. Weekly

b. Monthly

c. Quarterly

d. Yearly

3. Did you feel satisfied after making use of the products manufactured by our company?

a. Very satisfied

b. Somewhat satisfied

c. Not at all satisfied

d. Completely dissatisfied

4. Will you keep purchasing our products in future as well?

a. Yes definitely will purchase

b. May be sometimes

c. May not be purchasing

d. Not sure

5. Will you recommend the products of our company to your friends and relatives with your experience of usage of our company products?

a. Certainly will recommend

b. May be for some products

c. Certainly will not recommend

d. Can’t say

6. Would you want to try any of the new products that may be launched by our company?

a. Yes definitely

b. May be some products

c. No definitely not

d. Not sure

7. What is it that attracted you to the products of our company?

a. Advertising techniques

b. Product packaging

c. Quality of the product

d. Pricing of the product

Marketing Services Survey

A marketing services survey is one that describes the marketing implemented for a particular service. The survey identifies how well the marketing for the service has been carried out and its end results. This survey is very useful in comprehension of marketing for a service which is complex and requires a lot of research.

Sample Marketing Services Survey

1. Please provide your opinion on the services provided by our company according to the structure given below by choosing the one that you think is most suitable?

a. Quality of service

b. Service being steadfast

c. Provides value for money

d. Very convenient

2. How likely you are to changes that we plan to introduce in the existing services of our company?

a. Very likely

b. Moderately likely

c. Slightly likely

d. Very unlikely

3. Will you be interested in trying any of the new service programs that we may introduce in future?

a. Very interested to try

b. Moderately interested to try

c. Slightly interested to try

d. Not at all interested to try

4. What are the features you think can add more value to the services that are provided by our company?

a. More flexibility

b. Wider coverage

c. Better pricing

d. Better ambience

5. What do you think are the worst things about the services provided by our company from the following things?

a. Lack of customers interaction

b. No feedback system

c. Multiple hierarchy systems

d. Slow complaint resolution

6. If the price of the services offered by our company are slashed but even service quality is brought down by a certain percentage how happy will you be with the reduction?

a. Extremely happy

b. Somewhat happy

c. Slightly happy

d. Extremely unhappy

7. What purchase method do you prefer the most to avail services offered by our company?

a. Online purchase

b. Purchase via phone

c. Purchase via email

d. Personal purchase