Character education survey

Character education survey is initiated by the schools and institutions. This survey is a vital part of student education where students themselves assess their character qualities. Sometimes this survey is organized for parents and teachers as well.

“Character Education Survey Sample”:

Q1. Which quality describes you the best?

  1. Hard working
  2. Honest
  3. Sincere
  4. Loyal
  5. Kind
  6. All of the above
  7. If any other, please mention

Q2. How do you rate your behaviour with your class mates?

  1. Very good
  2. Good
  3. Average
  4. Not so good

Q3. How often do you like to help your classmates?

  1. Almost every time
  2. frequently
  3. Sometimes
  4. Not much

Q4. How good are you in following school rules and regulations?

  1. Very obedient
  2. Good
  3. Not so good

Q5.  Do you try to attain the positive influence of your classmate’s behaviour?

  1. Yes. Always
  2. Sometimes
  3. Not so frequent

Q6.  Are you a good sportsman?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Not sure

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