Conduct Feedback Survey

A conduct feedback survey is a document which tries to understand the problems plaguing the conduct of an individual or a group of individuals like volunteers at an event, ushers, receptionists or front desk personnel and so on. Such persons are required to interact with customers on a daily basis and this requires tremendously polished manners, excellent conduct and grooming. These can be judged by feedback from the clients themselves who can contribute significantly to suggestions of improvement and change. A conduct feedback survey is designed like a questionnaire and the clients are expected to answer them to the best of their abilities. This ensures a transparent and clean analysis which can be of value in making a real difference.

Sample Conduct Feedback Survey

  1. Please rate, on a scale of ten, the conduct and courtesy of our volunteers at the charity event organized by your company.
  • Between 0 and 4
  • Between 5 and 7
  • Between 8 and 10
  1. Were the volunteers conforming to your expectations in their conduct and behavior?
  • Yes, they proved to be very helpful and accommodating.
  • Yes, they were earnest in their efforts but their lack of training hindered them
  • No, they were neither helpful nor trained to handle such an event.
  1. Would you hire our volunteers again in case of a similar event, or recommend us to your acquaintances?
  • Yes, I would definitely recommend them to my friends and acquaintances, and hire them again myself.
  • No, I would not recommend them.
  1. Do you think more training is needed for the volunteers to brush up on their conduct and etiquette skills?
  • The volunteers are suitable groomed and trained and as of now, they require no further training.
  • They need more training in their conduct, their interaction with others and their overall demeanor.
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