Conference Feedback Survey

A conference feedback survey is a kind of a survey which is a set of written questions that are asked from conference attendees to get an opinion about the conference. These types of surveys are effective in getting a direct response and feedback from the people who have had a firsthand experience of the conference to evaluate their level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with it. Given below is a sample of a conference feedback survey that can be referred to for help by any person.

Sample Conference Feedback Survey:

Name of respondent

Age of respondent:

Residential address:

Business name of the company you represent:

Official address:

Did you get an invitation to attend the conference?

Kindly answer all of the following questions in the spaces provided:

Q1. How did you come to know about this conference?

a)      Friend/relative/business associate

b)      Newspaper advertisement

c)      I attend this conference every year so i am aware of it

d)     Other (please specify)

Q2. Did the conference served your purpose for which you joined it?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q3. How satisfied are you with the helping staff and volunteers of the conference?

a)      Very satisfied

b)      Satisfied

c)      Not very satisfied

d)     Not at all satisfied

Q4. How satisfied are you with the cleanliness and interior decoration of the conference venue?

a)      Very satisfied

b)      Satisfied

c)      Not very satisfied

d)     not at all satisfied

Q5. What are your views about the events and seminars held at the conference?

a)      They are very useful for my purpose

b)      They were informative but not very useful for me

c)      They could have been better

d)     Other (please specify your own views)

Q6. Did the managerial committee and hosts of the conference treated you properly?

a)      Yes, they were well organised and well managed

b)      No, I wasn’t treated as I wished to

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