Course Feedback Survey

A course feedback survey is a kind of a survey or questionnaire which is used to get opinions and feedback of those individuals who have attended a certain course. These feedback surveys consist of multiple questions which are aimed at getting to know the satisfaction level of the respondents from the course and thus these surveys help to evaluate the common response of the course. Given below is a sample of one such course feedback survey that you can easily use for reference purpose.

Sample Course Feedback Survey:

Name of the course:

Name of the respondent:

Age of respondent:


Residential address of respondent:

Contact number of respondent:

The following are a few questions about the course. Please answer all of them to let us take your honest opinion.

Q1. Since when have you been part of this course?


Q2. How did you come to know about this course?

a)      Newspaper/Radio advertisement

b)      Friend/relative

c)      Online advertisement

d)     Other source

Q3. Which batch was you part of while attending the course?

______________________________________________________ [please mention batch number and year]

Q4. How would you rate the teachers who taught you during this course?

a)      Very efficient and hardworking

b)      Good teaching abilities

c)      Not had very good  knowledge

d)     I wasn’t happy with the teachers

Q5. What are your view about the coursework and syllabus?

a)      The coursework was great

b)      The coursework could have been of a better level

c)      The coursework needs urgent revision

d)     I wasn’t satisfied with the coursework

Q6. What are your views about the timings of course classes?

a)      The timings were perfect

b)      The timings could have been better

c)      The timings were not satisfactory

Q7. What do you think about the research done by the institute to make the course applicable in the practical world?


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