Different types of questions in a survey

A survey is a medium through which collective views of a large number of people can be collected and a general conclusion can be drawn based on the findings or results. A survey can be of various kinds but the major two categories of surveys are written and oral. A written survey is also called a questionnaire and in both types of surveys, there are multiple questions that can be either subjective type, objective type or both. A survey must be framed carefully and the information in it must be authentic. One should frame the questions in such a way that they can be easily understood by any person. There are many different types of questions in a survey. To know about these questions better, please go through the following important points.

  • A survey must always start with some basic questions related to the topic to form a base which is solid and captivates the attention of the respondents..
  • One should always try to include more of objective type questions because they are easy and quick to answer and almost all respondents prefer to answer these types of questions rather than subjective type.
  • A survey cannot be complete without at least a few subjective type questions. Through these questions, users get a way to express their views in a better way and they can more accurately indicate the views of the respondents.
  • A survey must have short, crisp and precise questions which are directly related to the topic and are relevant to the context. Out of context questions are often not greeted by appreciation and same is the case with long or lengthy questions.
  • One must try to ask questions which will interest the users and motivate them to answer the entire survey. So try to keep your questions interesting.

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