Different types of survey methods

A survey is a kind of a medium which is used by organizations or companies to gather certain data or information about something in particular. A survey is one of the most effective methods to get feedback from many different people. Any survey is generally in the form of a questionnaire which consists of either subjective type or objective type questions. Many times, a survey can have both types of questions as well.

To conduct a survey, a company or an organization can adopt different methods or techniques. There are many varied types of survey methods and each one is unique. Given below are a few different types of survey methods which can be referred to for help or assistance.

  • Cross Sectional Surveys The first method of conducting a survey is cross sectional. This survey conducting method is used in the case when a survey has to be conducted over a large number of people or population. This method ensures the fact that the responses are gathered at one point of time and does not take too long to be collected. Most of the surveys are conducted by using this method.
  • Longitudinal Surveys The second and one of the most popular methods of survey conducting is the longitudinal method. This survey conducting method is used in the case when responses are gathered over a long period of time. This method may or may not cover a large population. There are three types of these methods-trend studies, cohort studies and panel studies.
  • Representative sampling-this method of survey conducting is one in which a small group of people are given the survey sheets and the result is then generalized for a large population. This method is actually quite commonly used because not everybody can be included in a survey and only certain people have to be selected for it.

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