Employee Attitude Survey

A survey which is used by companies or organizations to get a clear idea about the attitude of the employees towards their work, environment at work place, policies etc is known as an employee attitude survey. Any such survey helps the organizations to know all those areas which do not receive a positive attitude from the employees.

An employee attitude survey is also effective in letting the employees know that their opinions are valued and given regard. Given below is a sample of an employee attitude survey which can be used by anyone for reference purpose.

Sample Employee Attitude Survey:

Employee’s full name:

Full residential employee of the employee:

Contact number of the employee:

Employee’s email ID:

Job title/position of employee in company:

Department name of employee:

Kindly answer all of the questions that are provided to you below. Only answer in the given spaces.

Q1. What are your views about this company?

a)      I respect and admire this company

b)      I like this company for its reputation

c)      I think that the company can do much better

d)     I don’t really have respect for this company

Q2. What are your views about your current work profile?

a)      I like my duties and responsibilities

b)      I have respect for what I do

c)      I not really like my duties

d)     I don’t really care

Q3. What would you reaction be if you were told to do extra work for an important project?

a)      I would readily do it

b)      I would do it but reluctantly

c)      I won’t do it with my heart

d)     I would refuse to do it

Q4. Do you respect the policies of the company?

a)      Yes, very much

b)      Yes, quite a lot

c)      Not very much

d)     Not at all

Q5. What is your attitude towards your colleagues and seniors?

a)      I respect them

b)      I like them

c)      I don’t respect or like them

d)     I don’t have any views about them

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