Employee Engagement Survey

A kind of a survey through which a company with a large employee base tries to evaluate the level of employee engagement is known as an employee engagement survey. Any such survey is used quite commonly by many organizations as it helps to tap those areas in which the majority of the employees are not fully engaged.

An employee engagement survey is important and consists of multiple questions that can be multiple choice or subjective in nature. If you want to frame an employee engagement survey for your need or requirements, then the following given sample shall prove to be useful.

Sample Employee Engagement Survey:

Name of the employee:

Position in the company:

Department’s name:

Contact number of employee:

Email ID of the employee:

Company ID of employee:

Date:                          (dd/mm/yy)

The following is an employee engagement survey. Please answer all of the questions given in it.

Q1. How many hours in a day do you devote to your work?


Q2. Do you take your work at home?

a)      Yes, everyday

b)      Yes, often

c)      Not very often

d)     Never

Q3. Do you try to complete the work the same day or do you postpone it do the next day?

a)      I complete it regularly

b)      I take it an home

c)      I do it the next day

Q4. Do you find your duties and responsibilities interesting?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q5. Are you able to concentrate on your work?

a)      Yes, always

b)      Yes, mostly

c)      Not always

d)     Never

Q6. How often do you take breaks in office?

a)      Every 30 minutes

b)      Every 60 minutes

c)      Every 2 hours

d)     After more than 2 hours

Q7. Do you discuss your work with colleagues or seniors?

a)      Yes, always

b)      Yes, sometimes

c)      Not very often

d)     Never

Q8. How would you rate your engagement level on a scale of ten?


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