Employee Perception Survey

An employee perception survey is that form of a survey which is framed by companies to get an understanding about the perception of its employees and to know about their mindset. Such surveys are quite useful for any organisation which wants to increase the productivity of its employees by understanding their perception about work, duties, salaries etc.

Any such survey is in the form of a written questionnaire and has multiple questions based on the same theme or topic. To help you frame your own employee perception survey, we have a well drafted sample of the same.

Sample Employee Perception Survey:

Name of the employee:

Department of working:

Date of survey:

Designation at work:

Contact number:

Email address:

Please answer all of the following given questions in the spaces that have been provided for your convenience.

Q1. Since when are you

working in this organisation?

a)      0-1 year

b)      1-3 years

c)      3-5 years

d)     More than 5 years

Q2. Are you satisfied with your working position?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q3. If the answer to the previous question is no, then what are the reasons due to which you are unsatisfied?

a)      Huge workload

b)      Long working hours

c)      Work shift

d)     Extreme office politics

e)      Other(please specify)

Q4. Are you satisfied with the salary that you are paid?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q5. What according to you should your ideal salary be?


Q6. What are your views about the way the seniors conduct themselves?

a)      They have good conduct and behaviour

b)      They do not treat me well

c)      They do not give me enough credit

d)     They are partial

e)      Other(please specify)

Q7. What is your perception about the growth opportunities for you in this organisation?

a)      There is a lot of scope for growth

b)      There is little scope for growth

c)      There is no scope for growth

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