Employee Retention Survey

An employee retention survey is used by an organization to assess the gratification of its employees. This survey is very useful for organizations to understand the view point of the employees and also take appropriate steps to retain its employees. Also the survey helps to identify the key factors that contribute to employees leaving an organization.

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Sample Employee Retention Survey

Name of the employee   ______________________________

Address of employee     ______________________________

Contact number             ______________________________

Employee ID                  ______________________________

Department                   ______________________________

1. Please provide the number of years of service you have provided to the organization from the below time periods?

a. 0-5

b. 5-10

c. 10-15

d. More than 15 years

2. Please provide a brief description of your job profile?


3. Do you think you are getting salary appropriate to your job profile?

a. Yes

b. No

c. I am not sure

4. What is the employee size of your organization?

a. 50-100

b. 100-150

c. 150-200

d. More than 200

5. Please specify your qualification from the below mentioned qualifications?

a. High school

b. Graduate

c. Post graduate

d. Doctorate

6. What is your annual income from the following slabs of income earned by employees in your company?

a. $2000

b. $3000

c. $4000

d. More than $5000

7. Do you like to spend time with your colleagues even after office hours?

a. Yes

b. No

8. Do you have overall satisfaction with your job?

a. Completely satisfied

b. Somewhat satisfied

c. Dissatisfied

d. Completely disappointed

9. Are you planning for a job change in the near future?

a. Yes

b. No

10. If you have answered yes to the above question please specify the reason for the same?


11. Do you think you have been given sufficient opportunities for motivating you to work in this organization?

a. Yes

b. No

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