Employee Satisfaction Survey

An employee satisfaction survey is an ideal way of finding out whether the employees of an organization are satisfied with their job or not. It is a document that contains a set of questions whose purpose is to analyze the level of satisfaction of the employees. The survey helps the employers to understand whether the employees enjoy working in the organization and also to take decisions in order to make a better working environment for employees. The survey is taken by the employees of the organization.

Sample Employee Satisfaction Survey

Name of the person taking the survey: _____________

Designation of the person: ____________

Department in which the individual is working: _____________

Date of joining: _____________

  1. Do you agree that you are satisfied working in this organization?

a)      Strongly agree

b)      Agree

c)      Somewhat agree

d)     Disagree

  1. What kind of work attitude do you have when you go to work every day?

a)      Very Positive

b)      Positive

c)      Somewhat positive

d)     Negative

e)      Very negative

  1. How long do you plan to continue working in this organization?

a)      More than five years

b)      More than three years

c)      More than one year

d)     Less than one year

  1. Are you satisfied with job functions that your designation has to offer?

a)      Very satisfied

b)      Satisfied

c)      Somewhat satisfied

d)     Not satisfied at all

  1. What kind of rapport do you share with your colleagues?

a)      Friendly rapport

b)      Normal rapport

c)      Bad rapport

  1. Do you like the environment at office?

a)      I like it very much

b)      Somewhat I like it

c)      I don’t like it at all

  1. How satisfied are you with the facilities provided at office?

a)      Very satisfied

b)      Satisfied

c)      Somewhat satisfied

d)     Not satisfied at all

  1. If you could change something to make work environment more satisfying, what would that be?__________________________________

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