Engineer Career Survey

An engineer career survey is a kind of a survey which is framed in order to get feedback from engineers about their career choices, options, preferences and plans. These kinds of surveys consist of multiple questions which can be either subjective or objective in nature and are used to get the opinions of engineering students or people with engineering background about their chosen career paths and other career related decisions. Given below is a sample of an engineer career survey which can be referred to for help.

Sample Engineer Career Survey:

Name of respondent:

Date of birth:

Residential address:

Contact number:

Engineering stream/field:

Name of college:

Kindly answer the following questions about your engineering career and choices:

Q1. Have you always been interested in the field of engineering?

a)      Yes, Very

b)      Yes

c)      Not very much

d)     Not at all

Q2. Why did you pick up this stream as your engineering field?

a)      I wish to take up a job in this particular sector

b)      I had to due to my score at high school level

c)      Other reason  ( please specify)

Q3. What shall be your first step after stepping out of college?

a)      I wish to study further

b)      I shall take up an internship to learn the basics

c)      I will take some time off

d)     I shall start looking for a job in my field of work

Q4. What is your preferred career choice or job title specification for you future?


Q5. What is your ultimate career goal or objective as far as your engineering background is concerned?

a)      To be successful at whatever job title I choose

b)      To be a successful ___________[mention the job title name]

c)      To contribute to this field through my hardwork and research

d)     If any other then please specify

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