Enterprise Business Survey

Enterprise business surveys are strategic process which provides comprehensive company level data in developing economy and emerging markets, by reviewing various associated factors of the employee. This is an indispensable process through which an enterprise business’s growth could be enhanced by identifying the short coming and necessary improvements required to meet the demand of the emerging market. Thus, such a survey has to be constructed effectively so that it helps yielding review regarding important factors related to an enterprise business.

Sample Enterprise Business Survey

PCL IT Enterprise

Survey Subject:  This survey is used to set enterprise’s goals and priorities according to the emerging market needs.

Survey Targeted at: Client-Group of PCL IT Enterprise

Date of conducting the survey: 5th July 2012

i. Do you think enterprise executive business goals are potentially reached since last year?

a. Yes, the enterprise remained successful in attaining its goals.

b. May be not sure.

c. Enterprise remains unsuccessful in attaining the business goals.

ii. Do you think that the IT solutions and consultancies that are being provided to the customers are much improved since last forecasted period?

  1. Definitely, much advanced and improved IT solutions and consultancies are being provide to the customers.
  2. Didn’t notice much change.
  3. Still needs improvement to increase sell and market share.

iii. According to you, does the enterprise reached new markets, reduced operational business expenditures, increased profit margins and managed budgets effectively?

  1. The enterprise remains successful in reaching various new avenues and in return gain a hike in profit margin.
  2. The enterprise couldn’t create footprint in new markets since last forecasted period. However, due to their budget control measures an increase in profit margin has been observed.

iv. How would you define investor’s relation with the enterprise?


v) What is your opinion regarding the enterprise’s business model?


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