Event Feedback Survey

An event feedback survey is a document that is drafted in order to help event planners or organizers to know the feedback about the event organized by them. It is a process of understanding whether the audience or guests that came to the event found the event satisfactory. The survey is a process of improving event planning in order to increase their business. The survey helps the event managers to understand what went wrong in the event and how those mistakes can be avoided in the next event. The survey is also the only process that will help to identify the strong points as well as the weak points of the events. The questions mentioned in the survey are based on various aspects of the event. The survey is usually conducted by event management companies.

Sample Event Feedback Survey

Name: _____________________

Address: _____________________________________________

Date of birth: ____________

Gender (choose the appropriate one): Male Female

Contact number: _____________

Email id: ___________

Occupation: _______________

  1. What was your purpose of attending this event?


  1. Do you agree that the purpose of attending this event was fulfilled?

a)      Strongly agree

b)      Agree

c)      Somewhat agree

d)     Disagree

  1. Do you feel that the venue was appropriate for the vent?

a)      Yes, it was appropriate

b)      It was somewhat appropriate

c)      Not appropriate at all

  1. What is your opinion of the facilities provided at the event?

a)      Facilities were excellent

b)      Facilities were ok

c)      Facilities were below standard

  1. Were you satisfied with the technicalities of the visual presentation?

a)      Very satisfied

b)      Satisfied

c)      Somewhat satisfied

d)     Not satisfied at all

  1. According to you, what were the drawbacks of the event?


  1. What did you liked the best about the event?


  1. Would you like to give any suggestion in order to improve the event in future?


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