Finance Salary Survey

A finance salary survey is a survey done for all individuals employed in the field of finance to get information about their salary. This survey gives the financial companies to get an idea that their salaries and remuneration are satisfactory for their employees. This survey also gives an idea to the employees whether their salary is as per the market standard.

Sample Finance Salary Survey

1. How many years of work experience do you have?

a) Five years or less

b) Ten years or less

c) More than ten years

2. What is your educational qualification?


3. What is your designation in the organization?


4. Do you think that your salary is as per market standard?

a) Yes

b) No

5. Are you satisfied with the salary that you are getting?

a) Very satisfied

b) Satisfied

c) Somewhat satisfied

d) Dissatisfied

6. Do you receive any other monetary compensation other than your monthly salary?

a) Yes

b) No

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