Financial Planning Survey

A financial planning survey is one that identifies the financial needs and ascertains the kind of planning that needs to be undertaken by an individual.

This survey helps a financial firm to analyze the sort of planning that a person has towards financial goals and how the financial firm can modify its financial products to help the person meet these financial goals.

The survey aims at assessing the financial planning by considering various factors such as age, income, gender etc. The survey should have questions related to the income levels and the financial requirements of the individual in terms of short term and long term financial goals.

Sample Financial planning survey

Name of the individual : ___________________

Address : ___________________

Contact Number : ___________________

Email address : ___________________

1. Can you please specify the category of monthly income that your family falls into from the following ones?

a) $1000 – $2500

b) $2500-$5000

c) $5000-$7500

d) $7500-$10000

e) Above $10000

2. What is the total monthly expense of your entire family according to the following categories of expenses?

a) $500 – $1000

b) $1000-$1500

c) $1500-$2000

d) $2000-$5000

e) Above $5000

3. Have you made any investments for your future requirements?


4. Please specify the categories in which you have investments from the following categories/

a) Mutual funds

b) Fixed deposits

c) Stocks

d) Commodities

e) Others Pl Specify___________

5. Are there any investment categories that you have investments in which provide monthly returns? If yes please provide details of the same?


6. Please provide the time frame of the investments you have made from the following categories?

a) 3months – 1year

b) 1year – 2 years

c) 2 years – 3 years

d) 3 years – 4 years

e) Above 4 years

7. Please specify your financial planning in terms of short term goals and long term goals?


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