High School Student Career Survey

A high school student career survey is a kind of a survey or a written questionnaire which is distributed amongst high school students to get their feedback on the kind of career options or plans they have made for themselves. These surveys are used to know the fields in which the students are most interested in and the general opinions of the masses can hence be evaluated. High school student career surveys are effective in getting valuable opinions and career preferences. Given below is a sample for your reference.

Sample High School Student Career Survey:

Name of student:



Date of birth/age:

Contact number:

Name of high school:

Address of high school:

Kindly answer all of the following given questions in the spaces provided:

Q1. Which stream have you taken up in high school?

a)      Commerce

b)      Arts

c)      Non Medical

d)     Medical

e)      Other( please specify)

Q2. Which is your favourite subject?

a)      English

b)      Mathematics

c)      Physics

d)     Chemistry

e)      Accounts

f)       Economics

g)      Finance

h)      Geography

i)        Political science

j)        Other (please specify)

Q3. Do you wish to build a career in this subject?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q4. Have you made any specific career plans for yourself?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q5. If the answer to previous question is yes, then please specify your career plans or pick one of the suitable answers

a)      Art and direction

b)      Photography

c)      Finance

d)     Teaching

e)      Dancing

f)       Acting

g)      Singing

h)      Engineering

i)        Medical

j)        Other ( please specify)

Q6. For building up this career, what is the next step for you after completing high school?

a)      Enrolling in a college that offers my preferred subjects

b)      Enrolling in an institute which offers diploma course in my field of interest

c)      Looking for my desired job

d)     Taking up a training program to improve my skills

e)      Other( please specify)

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