How to Compose Survey Results

Surveys are mainly used by the firms to collect the feedback from the customers and the businesses to know their awareness of particular brand or the relevant advertising, how the customers rate the firm’s products, what kind of alterations they would suggest and whether they are interested in purchasing the products from that particular firm in future or not. Once the surveyor is done with the survey, the surveyor should write the results in the summary of a survey. For that the surveyor should know how to compose survey results.

Here are the guidelines of how to write the survey results.

Objectives and methodology section

Go through the available data tables. Ensure that you are having all the results and you totally understand them. Write down the important findings. Outline how you wish to report your findings. Begin with the objectives page which outlines your intentions and what you have expected to discover. Write down the methodology that describes who carried out the survey, how they have carried out (mail, phone etc.) and how many participants responded to that. Also mention about the department which was in charge of the study.

Finding section

Write an outline of your finding section. Write in such a way that the reader should easily understand your format and language. Start with writing each query, then responses and then the results in percentage and number form.

Executive summary

From the findings, compose an executive summary that highlights important information. Make your executive summary brief and try to not cross more than a page. Include this information at your report beginning, i.e. after objective and the methodology sections.

Finalizing the report

Include conclusions section at the end of the survey results. Using the data from your findings and executive summary, make a report as what do the results signify to the firm. Also include the strategies which the firm can implement depending upon the research results. Finalize and proofread your report. Then send it to the appropriate person.

Powerpoint presentation

Do not be confused of how to compose survey results in a powerpoint presentation. In your powerpoint presentation, create 10 pages that highlight the important findings of the survey. Try to be brief, concise and wherever necessary, include bullet points for easy understanding.

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