How to Make a Good Customer Survey

A customer service or product survey is a tool which is used by the firm to find out how well the firm is doing. This is generally found out by the customer feedback. For every business, customer’s satisfaction is most important to survive. The very good way for determining the customer’s satisfaction is through asking them. For that you need to frame a survey questionnaire. So businessmen, be aware of how to make a good customer survey to know the status of your organization!

Way of asking

Choose the way you would like to ask the questions to your customers about their satisfaction. You can personally talk to them in your office or store, ask them through telephone if you have their present phone number, or you can mail a questionnaire.


Decide a best way on how to present the queries based on the kind of information you wish to collect. You can ask the questions based on the ranking system like from very poor to excellent, or true or false questions, or multiple choice questions, or open-ended queries.

Necessary information

Frame the questions based on the information you would like to get from the customers. Ask them about their satisfaction related to the customer service, general impressions about the firm and purchase. Customer loyalty queries include asking the queries if the customer is again interested in doing the business again with you and suggest your business to others. You can easily get your required information by knowing how to make a good customer survey.

Meaningful questions

Organize the queries in a very meaningful manner. Frame the queries which are meaningful and see to that you make use of as few queries as you can, at the same time obtaining the required information. Always long questions will not be favorable.

Customers’ responses

First try this survey with a small group of people. If it works out, you can go for a larger group. Provide your survey to the customers and receive their outcomes and compile their responses, setting new aims and objectives depending upon the customer recommendations.

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