How to Make an Effective Customer Survey

Making an effective survey queries is an important factor in the process of data collection. Whether it is a research paper, customer survey, employee satisfaction survey, or thesis, the questionnaires can break or make the entire study. So you should know how to make an effective customer survey to make your study.

Here are some steps to conduct an effective customer survey.


To make an effective customer survey, you need to be as focused as possible. Choose a topic and based on that topic ask queries to your customers.

Few queries

For good results, include only 5 to 10 questions in the survey. Customers will generally have less absorption spans. So if you provide them with numerous questions, the rate of your completion can significantly drop.

Provide an incentive

You may need to provide an incentive in order to encourage your respondents to answer the provided questions. Most of the websites provide a small discount to just motivate the people to take part in the survey. If you take a decision to provide an incentive, think of how you will distribute that to the participants. Sending incentives to the reader can consume time, so find a survey program that allows you to mechanize the process of follow-up.

Organize your survey

You have to set up a program to record the answers. If you are a proficient programmer, you may code your own survey answer form and put it in your website. Both the tools let you to organize simple consumer feedback forms for no cost.

Advertise your survey

Once you are done with your survey questionnaire, start advertising it on the following:

  • Website.
  • Blog posts.
  • Within the messages of your email marketing.
  • Profiles on social media.
  • Email signature.

Always do remember that the respondents may not have much time to your survey when they view for the first time. So it would be better to advertise in various places to guarantee the highest possible rates of completion. Based on the outcome, make alterations to your website or to the plan of digital marketing. Responding to their feedback will let your respondents to understand that you give value to their intuitions, and it helps you in achieving the goals of the search engine optimization.

As you now know how to make an effective customer survey, administer your customer survey effectively.

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