HR Salary Survey

A human resource (i.e. HR) salary survey refers to the compilation of questions posed specifically for those employed in the HR department of an organization. All the questions in such a survey are meant to inquire the satisfaction level of the respective employees with the salary they are being paid for the work and the general review in regard of the salary and perks etc. For the convenience of all those who need help regarding such a survey, being provided below is a sample survey.

Sample HR Salary Survey

Provide the following personal details correctly (as provided to the organization):

Full name: ____________________________

Age: _________________________________

Correspondence Address: ________________

Mobile No.: ___________________________

Email Address: _________________________

Kindly answer the following questions or fill in the following blanks as seem fit: [It is mandatory to answer all the questions/ parts]

1. Please mention the job position at which you are employed.


2. How long have you been employed with the organization that you are currently working in?


3. How long have you been in this current job position?


4. Give a brief description of your job responsibilities, duties or tasks assigned to you as a part of this job.


5. What is the current amount of salary paid to you, excluding any bonuses etc.? (we assure you all the monetary details will be kept confidential)


6. Do you receive any cash bonuses in addition to your base salary on a regular basis?

a. Yes

b. No

If yes kindly mention the average amount of the bonuses you receive


7. Do you receive any non cash salary compensations from the organization?

a. Yes

b. No

8. Kindly mention if any non cash compensations are paid.


9. Would you say you are satisfied with the current package in reference to the job position and work?


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