Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey

An internal customer of an organization or company is a person who is directly related or linked with the organization such as an employee or a stakeholder. An internal customer satisfaction survey is that survey type in which a company gathers views and satisfaction level of the internal customers.

These surveys are very effective in putting on the table the views of the internal customers and are helpful in enhancing the productivity of the services or products of the company. Given for your reference is one such sample of an internal customer satisfaction survey.

Sample Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Name of internal customer:

Position in company:

Mobile number of internal customer:

Email ID of internal customer:

Address of internal customer:

Kindly answer all of the following given questions of the internal customer satisfaction survey.

Q1. Since when have you been associated with the company?

a)      0-3 years

b)      3-6 years

c)      6-9 years

d)     More than 9 years

Q2. Are you aware of the manufacturing process or procedure which goes about in the manufacturing of the products?

a)      Yes, I am aware

b)      No, I am not aware

Q3. If yes, then are you satisfied with it?

a)      Yes, very satisfied

b)      Quite satisfied

c)      Not very satisfied

d)     Not satisfied at all

Q4. What do you think of the standard of the products produced by the company?

a)      Very high standard products

b)      High standard products

c)      Medium standard products

d)     Low standard products

Q5. Does the company give you enough regard?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q6. Are you satisfied with the rates at which the products are sold to an internal customer?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q7. If no, then what do you think about the rates?

a)      They are very high

b)      They are high

c)      They are low

d)     They are very low

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