It Career Survey

A IT or Information Technology career survey is a kind of a survey or a written questionnaire which is framed so as to get opinions of IT professional on their career and career plans. These surveys are effective to know about the opinions and thinking of people with an IT expertise about their choices, preferences etc related to the IT career. These surveys are in the form of questionnaires that consist of either subjective, objective or both kind of questions. Given below is a sample of an IT career survey which can be used by any person for reference.

Sample IT Career Survey:

Name of the respondent:

Date of birth of respondent:

Address of respondent:

Contact number of respondent:

Name of working organisation:

The following are a few questions based on IT career. Kindly answer all the given questions in the spaces provided and select the appropriate answer in case of objective type questions.

Q1.  Since when have you been working in the IT sector?

a)      Less than an year

b)      Less than two years

c)      Less than three years

d)     Less than 5 years

Q2. What is your current working position in the IT sector?


Q3. Since when have you been working at this job position?

a)      Less than an year

b)      Less than two years

c)      Less than five years

d)     Less than 7 years

Q4. Are you satisfied with this job position in the IT department?

a)      Yes, I am very satisfied

b)      Yes, quite satisfied

c)      Not very satisfied

d)     Not at all satisfied

Q5. Do you think that you have made the right career choice by entering the IT field?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q6. How many times have you been promoted in this organisation?

a)      Once

b)      Twice

c)      Thrice

d)     More than 3 years

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