IT Customer Satisfaction Survey

An IT customer satisfaction survey is one that is obtained by a company in order to assess the level of customer satisfaction. This survey is important in assessment of the areas that need improvement by the IT company. This survey also helps in building relationship with customers which further assists in enhancing business prospects.

Sample IT Customer Satisfaction Survey

Name of the customer                           ______________________________

Mailing address of the customer          ______________________________

Email address of customer                   ______________________________

Phone number of customer                  ______________________________

1. Please provide the mode through which you contacted our IT desk for a service recently?

a. Through phone

b. Through email

c. Through personal interaction

d. Other mode pl specify _______________

2. What do you think about the service provided by our IT desk staff in terms of your level of satisfaction?

a. Extremely satisfied

b. Somewhat satisfied

c. Not at all satisfied

d. Completely dissatisfied

3. Was your query resolved?

a. Yes

b. No

4. Was the staff at the IT desk polite in answering your query in a timely manner?

a. Yes

b. No

5. Do you think the staff at the IT desk had sufficient knowledge to handle your query?

a. Yes

b. No

6. Was your problem resolved within a period of one day or did it take longer to resolve it?

a. Yes it was resolved within a day

b. No it took longer than a day

7. Please specify the number of times you had to contact our IT desk for the problem faced by you?

a. Once

b. Twice

c. Thrice

d. More than thrice

8. Please provide a rating of your overall levels of satisfaction in interacting with our IT desk?

a. Extremely happy

b. Somewhat happy

c. Not at all happy

d. Totally unhappy

9. Please provide any suggestions that can help us improve the quality of service?


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