Job interest survey

Job interest survey is initiated by an organization, consultancy and external body to find out the interest of the employees in types of jobs. The main motive of these surveys is to buzz private and government sectors to produce more career options according to people job interests for future satisfaction.

“Job Interest Survey Sample”:

Q1.In which field have you completed your higher qualifications?

  1. Arts
  2. Science
  3. Business
  4. Commerce
  5. Others

Q2. What kind of career are you looking forward to get settled?

  1. Executive
  2. Managerial
  3. Administrative
  4. Management
  5. Others

Q3. Which sector attracts you the most?

  1. Government
  2. Private
  3. Public
  4. others

Q4. Do you think that family background has an influence job interest?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. To some extent

Q5. Would you like to mention about your job interests to get a suitable career option in future?

Q6. What is that one thing which is most important for you in any job profile?

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