Leadership Assessment Survey

A leadership assessment survey is a compilation of a set of questions which are used to access the leadership qualities of an individual. The analysis of the answers filled in by the individual help in determining whether the individual is a suitable leader or not.

Sample Leadership Assessment Survey

Fill in the following blanks and answer the following questions:

Date: ______________________

Name: _____________________

Age: ______________________

Address: ___________________

Contact No.: ________________

1. Do you like communicating with others and interact with people of different origins/ backgrounds?

a. No

b. Only when essentially required

c. Yes, at times

d. Yes, I love interacting with all.

2. Would you say that you are fair to everybody around you and do not believe in discrimination of any sort?

a. Yes

b. No

3. Can you handle a group of people and help them maintain a cooperative environment when they are required to act as a team.

a. Yes

b. At times

c. No

4. How important according to you are the following qualities in any work relation?

Not important Important Very important

a. Reliability

b. Loyalty

c. Courage

d. Fairness

e. Efficiency

f. Tidiness

g. Punctuality

h. Integrity

5. How would you respond or talk to your colleagues/ juniors when a work situation goes wrong?

a. Fire the employee you think is responsible at the first sign

b. Figure out who is responsible and fire them

c. Figure out who is responsible and ask them to solve it

d. Ask all your employees to help and support in solving the problem.

6. Will you consider the suggestions made my any of your colleagues or juniors?

a. No, never

b. Yes, if they are found suitable after consideration.

7. Do you believe in encouraging others by showing full support and helping them out yourself when needed?

a. Yes

b. No

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