Market online research survey paid

Market online research survey is initiated by all organizations to gear up in the race of ranking. This survey is held by online paid survey companies through e-mails and also at the time of online shopping to take feedbacks from customers regarding a particular product or service.

“Market Online Research Survey Paid Sample”:

Q1. What are your future expectations from our brand?

  1. Better quality
  2. Super savings
  3. Easy affordability
  4. Good performance

Q2. How long have you been associated with our brand?

  1. More than six months
  2. More than a year
  3. Recently joined

Q3. What are the factors that you consider while selecting a product?

  1. Discount
  2. High quality
  3. Brand name
  4. Warranty and services

Q4.  Why do you think that our brand is better as compared to the others?

  1. Leading brand name
  2. Good durability
  3. Numerous outlets

Q5. Do you often refer our products to your friends and colleagues?



(c) Never

Q6. Is there anything which we can improve to enhance your satisfaction level?

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