Marketing Analysis Survey

A marketing analysis survey is one that basically helps a company in analyzing the market process. The survey is very useful for companies to understand the various key elements that can form potential for better profits. The requirements of customers in the market are also arrived at by using this survey.

Sample Marketing Analysis Survey

1. How many customers have you covered in this month?

a. 100 customers

b. 200 customers

c. 300 customers

d. 400 customers

e. Above 400 customers

2. Do you have competition for your products in the market?

a. Yes there is competition

b. No there is no competition

c. Yes there is competition for some products

d. I am not sure about it

3. What is the age group of customers you have for the products of your company?

a. 18 years and above

b. 24 years and above

c. 32 years and above

d. More than 35 years

4. What gender of customers purchase your company products more often?

a. Male

b. Female

c. Both male and female

5. What is the target market for your products?

a. Employed

b. Business persons

c. Students

d. Working women

6. To which category of persons do your customers mostly belong to from the following categories?

a. Unmarried

b. Married

c. Divorced and single

d. Senior citizens

7. Do you target married customers or singles to sell your products?

a. Married

b. Singles

8. How do you collect payment for the products sold to your customers?

a. Immediately

b. After a week

c. After a month

d. After a quarter

9. Do you think there are any techniques that can be introduced to better the sales of the products of your company?

a. New sales promotions

b. Better discounts

c. Free samples along with other products

d. Door to door marketing

10. Do you feel there is scope for further improvement in the sales for the products of your company in future?


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