Marketing Customer Satisfaction Survey

A marketing customer satisfaction survey is a marketing tool used to measure the level of satisfaction of the customers in products usage. This survey helps to obtain response from the customers for undertaking any changes in the product so that its usability amongst the customers improves. The aim of this survey is identify factors that push customers to choose the products of a specific company.

Sample Marketing Customer Satisfaction Survey

1. What do you like the most about our company products from the following aspects?

a. Affordable pricing

b. Best packaging

c. Free offers

d. Easy availability

2. How likely are you to shift the usage of products of our company when you get better offers from other companies?

a. Very unlikely

b. Somewhat likely

c. Very likely

d. Not too sure

3. What is your overall level of satisfaction with the features offered and your usage of the products of our company?

a. Extremely satisfied

b. Somewhat satisfied

c. Just about satisfied

d. Extremely unsatisfied

4. Are there chances of you to continue to purchase the products of our company?

a. Yes quite possible

b. Not possible

c. May be possible

d. Not sure

5. How likely are you to purchase our products from our company website if made available?

a. Very likely

b. Somewhat likely

c. Not at all likely

d. Can’t say

6. In case in future if you want to switch from buying our products to that of a competitor company then what will be the primary reason for it from the following reasons?

a. Deterioration in quality of the products

b. Rise in price of the products

c. Non availability of the products

d. Better offers from competitor company

7. What are the changes that you think will improve our products in the market when compared to that of competitors?

a. Quality of products

b. Better packaging

c. Lower pricing

d. Easy availability

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