Marketing Data Survey

A marketing data survey is one that is used as a statistical tool by companies to obtain the marketing data used by its marketing team. This survey helps to identify the areas of marketing that are strong and those that need to be changed by the company. The study also provides information with regard to the present and future needs of the customers which helps the companies to take control of the market for their products.

Sample Marketing Data Survey

1. Whom do you usually target for your marketing from the following customers?

a. Individuals

b. Companies

c. Government officials

d. All of the above

2. How many customers have you been able to reach so far in this month for marketing our products?

a. 0-50

b. 50-100

c. 100-150

d. Above 150

3. How many competitors do you have in the market at present with similar products

a. One

b. Two

c. Three

d. Many

4. What is the level of competition for the product at present in the market?

a. High competition

b. Moderate competition

c. Slight competition

d. No competition at all

5. What is the percentage of market that our company holds as against the competitors?

a. 10%

b. 15%

c. 20%

d. More than 20%

6. How do you receive payments for the products sold to the customers?

a. Immediate

b. Deferred

c. Once a month

d. Once a quarter

7. Can you tell the number of times a customer of our company is likely to purchase the products from us?

a. 10 times

b. 20 times

c. 30 times

d. More than 30 times

8. What is the average number of customers that our company will require to make profits above the overhead costs?

a. At least a minimum of 100

b. At least a minimum of 200

c. At least a minimum of 300

d. At least more than 300

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