Marketing Employee Satisfaction Survey

A marketing employee satisfaction survey is one that is served to a marketing employee of a company. This survey helps to bring down the levels of work stress for the marketing employees by trying to understand their problems and take action accordingly. It helps an organization to take the correct decision that will help in motivating employees and retaining them in the company.

Sample Marketing Employee Satisfaction Survey

Name of the marketing employee

Address of the employee

Official email address of the employee

Contact number of the employee

1. Do you always like to come to work?

a. Yes everyday

b. Not everyday

c. Sometimes some days

d. Don’t feel like coming at all

2. What are your feeling towards the marketing job role you have been assigned?

a. Very happy

b. Somewhat happy

c. Not at all happy

d. Don’t want to disclose

3. What is the number of years of service you have put through in the field of marketing?

a. 0-1

b. 1-2

c. 2-3

d. Above 3 years

4. When do you think you want to change your job?

a. After next one year

b. After next two years

c. After next three years

d. Do not change

5. Do you like working in the company of your colleagues?

a. Yes very much

b. Somewhat

c. No not at all

d. Can’t say

6. Are you satisfied with the way your superiors treat you in office?

a. Yes I like it very much

b. I like it sometimes

c. No I do not like the way I am treated

d. I don’t want to disclose

7. Do you feel you love the organization you are working for?

a. Yes I love my organization

b. May be sometimes

c. No I do not love my organization

d. I do not want to disclose it

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