Marketing Evaluation Survey

A marketing evaluation survey is made use of by companies to evaluate the marketing strategies and techniques used by the marketing team. It helps in arriving at marketing techniques that have produced results in the company and those that have not. This survey assists a company in proper channelization of marketing resources that produce good results. It also seeks variable suggestions that help introduce newer techniques for marketing for improved profitability.

Sample Marketing Evaluation Survey

1. Who is your target market?

a. Individuals

b. Corporate

c. Women

d. Children

e. Any other ________________

2. How many products does your company sell?

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

e. More than 5

3. What is your ratio of new customer sales to existing customer sales?

a. 10%

b. 20%

c. 30%

d. 40%

e. More than 50%

4. What is the mode of marketing technique you make use of most often for advertising the products of your company?

a. Television advertisement

b. Newspaper advertisement

c. Magazine advertisement

d. Online advertisement

e. Email advertisement

5. What is your annual marketing budget?


6. What is your way of new lead generation for selling the products of your company?


7. How many new leads do you generate every month that get converted into actual sales?

a. 10

b. 20

c. 30

d. 40

e. More than 50

8. What is the percentage of your marketing cost as a percentage of sales turnovers for the products sold by your company?

a. 1%

b. 5%

c. 8%

d. 10%

e. More than 10%

9. Do you sell your products on your company website also?


10. How often do you contact your existing customers’ base to obtain their leads and references for details of new customers?

a. Daily

b. Weekly

c. Monthly

d. Quarterly

e. Annually

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