Marketing Feedback Survey

A marketing feedback survey is one that is used by companies to obtain feedback regarding marketing techniques used from sales employees of the company. This survey is very important as company can identify the marketing mistakes if any very easily by obtaining the feedback of the sales team and make changes accordingly. This survey provides the basis for implementation of any new marketing techniques to the existing products of the company.

Sample Marketing Feedback Survey

1. What is it that you like the most about the marketing plan of our company?

a. Target plan

b. Effective implementation

c. Team work

d. Easy usability

e. Clear results

2. Do you think there are any changes required to be undertaken in our existing marketing plan?

a. Yes some changes are needed

b. No changes are not needed

c. It needs to be changed completely

d. Depends on the products market

e. Can’t say

3. Do you think customers will switch to other company products in the future?

a. Very likely

b. Moderately likely

c. Somewhat likely

d. Not at all likely

4. What do you think keeps the products of our company in high demand in the market?

a. Celebrity endorsements

b. High brand name

c. Best quality

d. Reasonable pricing

5. Do you feel that convenience is an important factor for customers to buy products f our company?

a. Yes it is an extremely important factor

b. It is partly important factor

c. It is moderately important factor

d. It is least important factor

6. Do you think our existing customers will be willing to recommend the products of our company to others?

a. Extremely likely

b. Somewhat likely

c. Slightly likely

d. Not at all likely

7. What is the overall feedback for the products of our company given by our customers who are using our products?

a. Extremely satisfied

b. Moderately satisfied

c. Slightly satisfied

d. Extremely unsatisfied

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