Marketing Services Survey

A marketing services survey is one that describes the marketing implemented for a particular service. The survey identifies how well the marketing for the service has been carried out and its end results. This survey is very useful in comprehension of marketing for a service which is complex and requires a lot of research.

Sample Marketing Services Survey

1. Please provide your opinion on the services provided by our company according to the structure given below by choosing the one that you think is most suitable?

a. Quality of service

b. Service being steadfast

c. Provides value for money

d. Very convenient

2. How likely you are to changes that we plan to introduce in the existing services of our company?

a. Very likely

b. Moderately likely

c. Slightly likely

d. Very unlikely

3. Will you be interested in trying any of the new service programs that we may introduce in future?

a. Very interested to try

b. Moderately interested to try

c. Slightly interested to try

d. Not at all interested to try

4. What are the features you think can add more value to the services that are provided by our company?

a. More flexibility

b. Wider coverage

c. Better pricing

d. Better ambience

5. What do you think are the worst things about the services provided by our company from the following things?

a. Lack of customers interaction

b. No feedback system

c. Multiple hierarchy systems

d. Slow complaint resolution

6. If the price of the services offered by our company are slashed but even service quality is brought down by a certain percentage how happy will you be with the reduction?

a. Extremely happy

b. Somewhat happy

c. Slightly happy

d. Extremely unhappy

7. What purchase method do you prefer the most to avail services offered by our company?

a. Online purchase

b. Purchase via phone

c. Purchase via email

d. Personal purchase

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