Medical Career Survey

A medical career survey is a kind of a survey which is specifically framed for medical students or people with a background in medical studies. These surveys are designed in such a way that they can easily get the opinions of the respondents about the medical career. There are multiple questions which can be both objective and subjective in nature in these types of surveys or written questionnaires. Given below is a sample of a medical career survey that can be used by any person for the purpose of reference.

Sample Medical Career Survey:

Name of respondent:

Age of respondent:

Gender of respondent:

Address of respondent:

Contact number of respondent:

Currently studying at/working at:

Mention name of your medical college:

The following is a medical career survey. Please fill in all the questions with suitable answers in the spaces provided.

Q1. What was your aim or goal when you selected the medical field as your stream?

a)      To become a successful doctor

b)      To do research in the medical field

c)      To go on and study further in this field

d)     Other (please specify)

Q2. Do you think you have done enough justice to this field to achieve your goals?

a)      Yes, I have performed pretty well

b)      Yes

c)      Not very much

d)     Not at all

Q3. Are you still studying or have you completed your studies?

a)      Still studying

b)      Completed studies

Q4. If you have completed your studies, then what is your current career status?

a)      I am doing a job

b)      I am preparing for an entrance examination for higher studies

c)      I am taking a break from studies

d)     Other (please specify)

Q5. If you are still studying, then what do you think is your next career step?

a)      Finding a job in a medical centre/hospital

b)      Further studies

c)      Research work

d)     Training

e)      Other (please specify)

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