Meeting Survey & Event Planning Survey

A meeting survey and event planning survey is one that is made use of by an organization before organizing an event. This survey helps to plan accurately for the event by obtaining the requirements and suggestions of the participants and guests for the event. This survey can be most useful guide for an event planner to make an informed decision.

Sample Meeting Survey & Event Planning Survey

Name of the event participant          _______________________________

Participant’s Address                         _______________________________

Participant’s  Email ID                        _______________________________

Contact number of the participant  _______________________________

1. Do you plan to attend the event that our organization is planning to conduct next week?

a. Yes

b. No

2. If you have answered no to the above question please specify the reason for the same?


3. How did you come to know about this event that our organization is conducting?


4. Do you think the process for registration for this event was easy?

a. Extremely easy

b. Somewhat easy

c. Somewhat difficult

d. Extremely difficult

5. Who is paying for your participation in this event being conducted by our organization?

a. Self

b. Office

c. Relative

d. Friend

6. Please specify if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions so that we plan the menu accordingly?


7. What are you expectations from this event that you are planning to attend?


8. Do you have any clarifications that you want to seek about this event our organization is conducting?

a. Yes

b. No

9. What is your preferred mode of receiving any additional information about this event from our organization?

a. Personally

b. Email

c. Phone

d. Any other mode pl specify _____________

10. Please specify the destination from where you will be traveling to attend the event being conducted by our organization?


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