Nursing Career Survey

A nursing career survey is a kind of a survey which is used by nursing centres or other organisations to be distributed amongst those who are in the nursing sector so as to get their opinions about this career. These surveys consist of multiple questions that can be subjective and objective in nature and are designed to get a feedback of a number of different individuals to evaluate common results or findings. Given below is a sample of a nursing career survey that can be used by any individual for reference purpose.

Sample Nursing Career Survey:

Name of respondent

Date of birth of respondent:

Residential address with zip code:

Mobile phone number:

Exact nursing designation:

Institute from which nursing course pursued:

The following are a few questions that are part of our nursing career survey. Kindly answer all the questions in the spaces provided.

  1. Since when are you in the nursing career?

a)      Less than 6 months

b)      6months-1 year

c)      Less than 2 years

d)     Less than 5 years

e)      More

  1. What is your current nursing position?


  1. What are the reasons for taking this as your career choice? You can select more than one of the given options.

a)      Interest or passion

b)      I didn’t have any other field to opt

c)      Security

d)     Pay

e)      Other (please specify)

  1. Are you satisfied with this career choice?

a)      Yes, I am very satisfied and happy

b)      I am quite satisfied

c)      I am not really satisfied

d)     I am not at all satisfied

  1. What are you future plans as far as this career is concerned?

a)      Work hard and achieve a better position of work

b)      Change this career

c)      Work on the same position

d)     Other (please specify)

  1. Are you satisfied with the pays and salaries offered in this field?

a)      Yes

b)      No

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