Real Estate Client Satisfaction Survey

A kind of a survey which is used by real estate companies to evaluate the satisfaction level of the clients of the company is known as a real estate client satisfaction survey. Any such survey helps the company to assess those points which are not completely satisfactory in the eyes of the clients.

The real estate company makes necessary changes so as to ensure complete satisfaction of the clients after concluding the majority of the responses. Thus these surveys are very important for real estate companies. If you are looking for an example of such a survey, then the following given sample would be of great help.

Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

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Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

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Business-to-Business Market Survey Template

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Survey Report Template

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Sample Real Estate Client Satisfaction Survey:

Name of client:

Age of client:

Gender of client:

Mobile number of client:

Residential address of client:

Official address of client:

Email address of client:

Kindly give your answers for all the questions given below.

Q1. Since when have you been a client of this real estate company? Give year.


Q2. How many properties have you bought from this real estate company till date?

a)      0-1

b)      1-3

c)      3-5

d)     More than 5

Q3. What kind of properties in majority have you bought from this company?

a)      Commercial properties

b)      Residential properties

c)      Mixed use properties

Q4. Do you think that this company sells the properties at fair rates?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q5. How satisfied are you with the properties that you have bought so far from the company?

a)      Very satisfied

b)      Quite satisfied

c)      Not very satisfied

d)     Not at all satisfied

Q6. According to you, are the properties sold by the company located at good locations?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q7. Does the company offer properties as per your requirements and specifications?

a)      Yes, always

b)      Yes, mostly

c)      Not always

d)     never

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