Retail Customer Satisfaction Survey

A retail customer satisfaction survey is one that is used to identify the satisfaction levels of the customers. Many companies make use of this survey to measure the level of acceptance a product has amongst the customers. The survey also helps in effectively retaining retail customers by identifying their needs and making modifications to the product when necessary. The retail customer satisfaction survey helps to attain customer delight by providing the best products according to the customers’ needs which is the ultimate goal of any company.

Sample Retail Customer Satisfaction Survey

Name of the retail customer

Email address of the retail customer

Phone number of the retail customer

1. Which product of our company do you often make use of?

a. Cosmetics

b. Detergents

c. Baby care

d. Perfumes

2. How often do you purchase these products of our company?

a. Weekly

b. Monthly

c. Quarterly

d. Yearly

3. Did you feel satisfied after making use of the products manufactured by our company?

a. Very satisfied

b. Somewhat satisfied

c. Not at all satisfied

d. Completely dissatisfied

4. Will you keep purchasing our products in future as well?

a. Yes definitely will purchase

b. May be sometimes

c. May not be purchasing

d. Not sure

5. Will you recommend the products of our company to your friends and relatives with your experience of usage of our company products?

a. Certainly will recommend

b. May be for some products

c. Certainly will not recommend

d. Can’t say

6. Would you want to try any of the new products that may be launched by our company?

a. Yes definitely

b. May be some products

c. No definitely not

d. Not sure

7. What is it that attracted you to the products of our company?

a. Advertising techniques

b. Product packaging

c. Quality of the product

d. Pricing of the product

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