Retirement Planning Survey

A retirement planning survey is one in which an individual is assessed with the planning undertaken for retirement.

This survey helps to assess the kind of funds that the individual thinks will be necessary to sustain the living according to present day standards.

This survey helps individuals to arrive at their retirement needs and rehash their investments planning accordingly.

Sample Retirement planning survey

Name of the individual : __________________

Communication address : __________________

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Date of birth : __________________

1) Please provide some details about your employment?


2) Please choose a category of income level that you fall into from the below mentioned annual income levels?

a) $1000

b) $2000

c) $3000

d) $4000

e) More than $5000

3) What percentage of your income do you invest in savings that will help when you retire?


4) Are you aware of the exact date of your retirement?

a) Yes

b) No

c) Know the year but not exact date

5) Will you wait until your exact date of retirement arrives or take voluntary retirement?


6) Do you have any idea about the amount of pension you will get on retirement?

a) Yes

b) No

7) Have you made any investments that will cater to your post retirement financial needs?

a) Yes

b) No

c) Not yet

d) Planning to invest shortly

e) Not yet decided about it

8) What are the kinds of investments you have made for post retirement financial needs from the following categories?

a) Stock market

b) Mutual funds

c) Insurance

d) Bank investments

e) Liquid cash

9) Do you have any investments that match in time with your retirement date?


10) How much money of your annual income do you invest in an insurance plan meant especially for retirement needs?


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